3 Tools to Aware Of That Exploit Android Security Vulnerability

Android is slowly becoming a popular target for hackers and other cyber-criminals world wide. Malware developers are now exploiting the security vulnerabilities found in Android with specific tools that can be modified to “trojanize” any legitimate app. Many of these tools are remote administration tools or RATs that allow the attacker to remotely control the device remotely with a user friendly interface.


AndroRat is a free and open source remote administration tool designed for Android. This tool allows the attacker to control a wide variety of features within the infected smartphone. Some of the AndroRat's innovative features include the ability to make phone calls, send messages from the infected phone, access the GPS coordinated of the phone, activate the microphone, access stored data and much more.

AndroRat APK Binder

AndroRat APK Binder is a malware tool that allows you to bind AndroRat directly to an app. The APK Binder is currently being sold at about $37 through various underground forums. The tool AndroRat is available in the APK format and when combined with the APK builder will allow any user with minimum expertise to infect a legitimate app and trojanize it. When a user installs the trojanized app, they also install AndroRat unknowingly. The attacker can now access the infected phone remotely and use it for their benefit.


On similar lines as the AndroRat, a Java based RAT that has been named as Adwind is also making rounds on the Internet. This tool can be used in multiple OSes as it is a Java based tool. This tool too can assume control of an infected device remotely. However, it is not yet known if the tool has been bound to any of the legitimate APKs.

Cases of infection

So far, there have been over 20 cases of legitimate apps being infected by AndroRat. In addition to this, over a few hundred cases of infected devices have already been reported world wide with a majority of the infections talking place in Turkey and the U.S. The number of infections is also on the rise and is bound to continue as the malware tool gets refined with new features and options. The open source nature of the tool has made it gain quick popularity. As a result, the tool may also evolve and grow to become a greater threat than it already is.

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