Think Like a Hacker and Improve Your Computer Security

You may not know it, but right now you
could be under attack. As you read this, your computer could be being bombarded
by hacking attempts from individuals who want to break into your personal files
and plunder what they find there. These attacks could potentially damage your
computer and leave you facing a virus, or worse they could result in your
personal details being stolen and used to empty your bank account or just send
you tons of junk mail.

You might not be aware of it again,
but your computer is probably meanwhile trying to defend itself against such
attacks and stoically protect you and your private data from theft. An arms
race is going on at all times between the two with you happily browsing away on
Facebook, but if you want to turn the tides in your computer’s 
favor then it’s
time to get involved. And successfully defending your computer means knowing
how the bad guys operate and how to counteract their every move. Read on to get
inside the minds of those who would steal your information and start beating
them at their own game.

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Staying Under
the Radar

One thing worth considering is what
makes someone a target for hacking in the first place, and the answer to that
is simply opportunity. Most of us won’t be seriously hacked or pick up serious
viruses unless we’re very unlucky or unless we expose ourselves. And we can
expose ourselves by visiting the wrong sites that aren’t quite so strict about
the kinds things they allow on them, or by accessing the web on open networks
without protection. Sharing your details around the web is also a recipe for
disaster, so if you have a website with your full e-mail visible – take it
down. Most hackers don’t come to you, but rather wait for you to come to them.
Play it safe and don’t do anything to draw attention to yourself.

Rage Against
the Machine

Also worth bearing in mind is that
most bad guys – just like in the movies – don’t like to do the dirty work
themselves. In this case, cyber criminals will instead create programs and
software (‘bots’ and ‘spyware’) to carry out the gruntwork en-masse. This means
that what you’re up against a lot of the time is simply algorithms that look
for patterns and that approach matters in a methodical way. Understanding this
is key to creating successful passwords – avoid anything common, anything
predictable and anything that follows a pattern. Think random, and think

Hackers are

To understand the hacker, you must
understand the coder – and understand that this is someone who thrives on
creating solutions to complex problems. In this case, your computer is the
problem and they will think of just about anything to get in once they’ve
decided to start trying which could involve looking at your keystrokes with a
piece of spyware to guess your passwords, or picking up your location on your
phone to route through your trash in person. Make sure that you work the same
way – that you think of everything and don’t leave any stone unturned. That
means doing every update, it means being constantly vigilant, and it means
changing your password regularly.
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Being an ardent writer, he often shares his views and opinions on the issues
related to information security via his articles.

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