5 Ways to Be Protected from Cyber Crimes

Cybercrime, also
known as computer crime, is any time of criminal activity that occurs using a
computer or the Internet. Such crimes can be devastating and cause great harm
to the victim; types of cybercrimes include child pornography, copyright
infringement, phishing scams, and fraud or identity theft. Even more serious
potential cybercrimes include cyber terrorism and cyber warfare, both of which
are becoming more and more common following the increased worldwide use of the
Internet. To protect yourself from becoming a victim of the devastating effects
of cybercrime, follow the 5 Ways to Be Protected from Cyber Crimes listed

1. Exercise caution when surfing the web. That means if you shop online, only
buy from websites that you trust to be secure or have had numerous experiences
with. If you have never heard of or interacted with a particular website, make
sure to do your research beforehand to determine its credibility. Entering your
personal information on an unprotected or fraudulent website can have
disastrous consequences which can easily be avoided by remaining alert.

2. Even the best cyber protection can fail, so it is important that you
regularly monitor your financial statements to ensure that you are not a victim
of fraudulent activity. If you see anything suspicious or out-of-the-ordinary
going on in your account, you can contact your bank and take steps to ensure it
won’t happen again.

3. This may seem like a given, but use anti-virus software on your computer to
protect yourself against cybercrime. This software can be a strong deterrent to
any scams or viruses. Everyone should invest in good software, no matter how
immune to viruses you think your computer is. Decent antivirus software can save
you a lot of hassle and worry. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that just
because you have a iMac means that you’re impervious to viruses; while they are
less of a target, they are still vulnerable to cyber criminals.

4. Take your time thinking of strong passwords to use for important things such
as logging into your computer and Smartphone, or looking at sensitive
information such as your bank account. This may seem fairly obvious, but the
number of people who have their accounts hacked is a warning to you that only
the strongest passwords can resist entrance. Try to make your password
complicated and understandable only to you, with at least eight symbols or
more. You may want your password to be simple and easy to remember, but don’t
choose anything too obvious or you may come to regret it.

5. Another way to protect yourself from cybercrime is to use different
passwords for different accounts. It is not a good idea to use a common
password for everything; once a hacker finds out, it will be a relatively
simple task to commit crimes like identity theft. If remembering too many
passwords proves to be difficult, try to use small variations of the same

If you want more information on cybercrime, or if you need to find out more
tips to help prevent against it, call the Norton helpline for assistance today.

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