Internet Security can Sacrifice with Typo squatting

It a common thing that
people make mistakes while typing an internet address on their web browser. This
can happen even with the good typists that they miss or type the wrong
character. Most of us would just correct their mistake immediately without
realizing that the mistake made any difference. However, very few of us are
aware that even such a small mistake can cause harm to our internet security. It
usually happens when you mistype the name of a popular website because cyber
criminals and hackers are looking for new opportunities to make easy money.

You will realize your typing
mistake when a malicious website will open in your browser instead of the website
you want. Once you have landed on a malicious website, it will trick you to
download malicious software. You may also get trapped to share your personal or
financial information. Thus, it helps cyber criminals to take advantage of your
typing mistake by setting up fake websites.

of Typo squatting

Typo squatting is the
fraudulent web practice of the cyber criminals and hackers. This web practice
is illegal and is also known as URL squatting or domain. Many countries
including the US have a law against this form of cyber squatting. Basically,
cyber squatting is to use or register the name of an existing website and take
profit from the trademark belonging to someone else.

The third parties behind
this form of fraudulent web practice are typically known as cyber squatters. They
register versions with wrong spellings of a popular web address that coincide with
the common typing mistakes made by the internet users. Therefore, if you make a
typing mistake similar to any of those versions, then your browser will direct
you to the malicious site. It may compromise your internet security. It has
happened with popular web addresses with the misspelled words including Wikipedia
as wikapedia, Twitter as twtter, Google as goole, Craiglist as craigilist,
Apple as pple and more.

of Typo squatters

The main aim of typo
squatters is to compete for web traffic with the popular websites and earn easy
money through their advertisements. The targeted companies become the real
victims without your internet security at risk. They may trick you into
downloading some type of malware or spyware or get hold of your personal
information in return for fake appealing deals. Even with no intention of
visiting unethical sites, they can direct you to dating or adult sites.  

Risks of Typo squatting

Primarily, you should be
careful when typing a web address in your web browser. Every person in your
family should know this because an infected computer can compromise the
internet security of the whole family. If you are not sure of the correct
spelling of a website, then use a trusted search engine, such as Google or
Yahoo, instead of directly typing in your browser. Protect your computer and
system from viruses, phishing attempts, malware and spyware by getting a
comprehensive suite for internet security.

Article is written by Gloria
and she recommends internent security 2013 test for your laptop and computers.

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