Top 9 Antivirus – Tricks of the Trade

Antivirus software is a tool to detect and pull off the
malwares. There used to be a myth about antivirus software which needs to be
shattered that those should use the one who are not much cautious while using
their devices. So the estimated fact is everyone needs to have antivirus
software installed in their devices to prevent the user from malware.

Keeping in view this need of the users a great deal of
antivirus software was designed and proposed to the users and the programs got
accepted and ranked accordingly. The top ten 10 antivirus programs which are
highly ranked by the users are given below;

Bit Defender

Bit Defender Is the top most popular antivirus throughout
the globe in terms of performance. It has a powerful detective system with
advanced technology to recognize the threat on quite early stages.

Vipre Antivirus

Vipre Antivirus is the top third on user rankings. It is
convenient in use in the way that it does not slow down the functionality of
your devices. It is called as “next generation antivirus” by the makers which
is the case in actual. There are various versions available in the market of
this award winning tool.

Norton Antivirus

Norton Antivirus comes later on the charts. This is “your
power against viruses” as they call it. It is one of the best antivirus
programs for your devices as laptops, personal Computers and mobile phones.
This is really fast and user-friendly.

NOD 32 Antivirus

NOD 32 Antivirus is ranked as the fifth most popular
antivirus across the planet due to its utility. It has also got an award due to
its brilliant performance lately. This is one of the preferred antiviruses in
home domains, offices and business domains.


This antivirus is placed on sixth number among the rankings.
Makers announce “premium protection” for it which sounds true in terms of
performance. It provides maximum security against threats and malwares whether
they are offline or online. It is more preferred with the business computers.

F Secure

This software is ranked as seventh among the charts. The
slogan declares “Say yes to be safe online” which makes it evident that this is
meant for online protection. This is also award winning software.

Titanium Antivirus Plus

Titanium Antivirus Plus is placed on eighth position in the
rankings. It is designed by one of the leading software designers in the
market. It promises and provides maximum “internet security”.

Zone Alarm Antivirus

This is the ninth most popular antivirus among the masses.
The latest version is described as the fastest and the most protective
antivirus by majority. It was initially designed for business domains but later
same technology in incorporated in designing the versions which are meant for
home domains.

MCAFEE Antivirus

It is placed on tenth position for solving security issues
and it is one of the oldest antivirus programs available.
You can choose one out of the ten above for best possible
services and safety issues.

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