How to Protect Your Apple Mac or iOS Devices

For many of us, owning a
Smartphone and computer devices are valuable possessions. It has been a
customary practice to depend on mobile technology such as the advanced and
technically high end devices like the Apple Mac and iOS devices like iPhone and
iPad for our business and personal endeavors. Among the best features of these
devices are its security attributes that make its users feel more secure and
confident in using them. Being able to know how to protect your Apple Mac and
iOS devices by knowing how to use its security features will further optimize
your ability to enjoy these devices with a better peace of mind.

Find Mac or Find My iPhone services

All devices created by Apple come
with a security feature called Find Mac for Mac computers and Find My iPhone
for iOS devices. This is an anti-theft security application that you can use in
order to locate a stolen or misplaced Mac or iOS devices. It provides a
location tracking service which you should enable from your device’s security
setting. Once these services are activated, you will be empowered with the
ability to trace the location of your device and lock it down in order to
protect the important data stored therein against unauthorized access even in a
remote location.

Optimize Apple Mac OSX Linux security feature

If the Apple Mac you own runs on
Snow Leopard (10.6) or Lion (10.7) operating system, it is good to know that it
comes with a built in Linux security feature that controls the user’s
accessibility on the device. You should create another user account once you
have created an administrator account with a restricted access on installing software,
managing programs and updating settings of your device. Configure the setting
to get an automatic software update. Apple is constantly releasing new software
updates and doing the automatic update will provide your computer with an
efficient protection against malware, viruses and phishing scams.

Update your iOS device operating system

The best thing that you could do in
order to protect your iOS devices is to make a constant update on your
operating system. Other than this option, there is not much you can do in order
to keep your device secured and protected as Apple has not made available an
anti-virus software on the App store. Jailbreaking your iOS devices is
therefore a big no. Doing so will comprise the security of your device making
your device prone to malware and virus attack.

Backup your valuable data

In case recovering your devices
is futile when it was stolen or lost you could at least retrieve important data
stored in it if you have created a backup. Apple has the iCloud service that is
available for their devices that keeps your data safe on the cloud. You can
likewise protect your data by using third party backup services like the Google
Drive and Dropbox services. They are available at a small fee if you prefer to
enjoy a bigger backup storage for your data but they are nevertheless always
free services with a limited storage for backing your mobile data. 

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