Best Free Data Recovery Softwares

best option to recover your unexpected data loss simply works out when
you choose to remain prepared all the time. By relying over a good data
recovery software programs, you could achieve this. You will find a
number of these programs coming for free, which can really help you in
retrieving the lost data deleted accidentally. The files you delete from
the Recycle Bin still remains present over your hard disc and thus could
be recovered using these data recovery software tools. The below is the
list of some of the best Data Recovery Software programs, which are
available for free. Let’s check them out as under:



This is a very user friendly data recovering tool meant for Windows based users. Using Recuva can help you in getting the missing files by simply using the recovery wizard or simply via its manual option. The wizard option is pretty handy choice to get back the lost data. In case, if you are not sure about the data you have lost, it helps in finding out with its search option for different categories like documents, videos, images, music or any other file. If you are not well versed with this option, you can choose the manual mode method, which simply helps you in getting the file at your desired location without fail. With the help of the lighting system of green, red or yellow colors you can understand the possibility of getting your lost files. You can also find the previews of your lost file, which have to be recovered by this tool.


helps in undeleting the files, which you have accidentally deleted from
your PC, which is not only user friendly along with having an effective
folder drill down feature that helps you a lot in getting your lost
file. It helps in recovering different lost files from hard disks,
memory cards and a number of other similar kinds of storage devices,
which you use to save your data by connecting them to your computer.
This tool helps in supporting all the versions of windows operating
system, which include XP, Vista, 7, etc. This free data recovery
software has a good review from its users.


data recovery software program is meant for Windows based users, which
comes for free. Restoration is basically a nifty, frill less handy
recovery tool, which could be used for all the versions of Windows and
windows based file systems. Though it is seen lacking some of the
advance feature functionalities of some other nominees, however, it has
all the basic recovering potentials, which could be sorted out by
different file parameters like filename and size.



data recovery file is among the most robust kind of software tool,
which is open source program meant for recovering any of your lost data
or files. It is effective for both Windows and Linux based computers,
which effectively recovers the deleted files from NTFS, FAT and other
ext2 based file systems. Also, you could find a number of additional
functionalities. This include recovering your boot sector from the
backup space along with fixing your FAT tables, MFT getting along any
number of lost data from your Windows or Linux based systems.

Final word

of the best defense mechanisms against things like the data loss is to
find out a good data recovery software program. Hence if you have any of
the above freely available data recovery software, you do not have to
worry about any file of folder deleted accidently from your PC as you
know you can get them back with these programs.

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