5 Top FTP Clients for iPhone

A good FTP client is essentially for quickly transferring files to and from your website. However, you may not always be sitting at a laptop or desktop when you are ready to upload something to your host. Your iPhone already offers you many excellent tools for maintaining your blog or website, and now it also offers you many options for an FTP client that you can use on-the-go so you can upload or access documents and files at anytime, anywhere you are.

Here are our picks for 5 top FTP clients for the iPhone:

File Explorer


File Explorer helps you to transfer documents between your computer and your iPhone so that you always have the files that you need. You can use the app for remote computers and remote private clouds. Additional features include access to cloud storage services and accessories like a PDF reader, a photo gallery, and a music and video player.

FTP On the Go

Use this app to access any files on your FTP server from your iPhone. You download, upload or edit files, and you can use iCloud to share files between devices. This is a more full-service app that allows you to do just about anything you would be able to do with your desktop FTP client.

Code Anywhere

With Code Anywhere, you get a code editor and FTP client in one. You can connect to your FTP server and upload or download files. You can also edit files as necessary. The code editor allows you to edit your PHP, HTML, XML, CSS or JavaScript quickly and easily. When you're done, you can sync your files across your devices.



More than just FTP access, iStorage also allows you to edit files, view documents, and manage your files. You can access your cloud storage and sync your documents across your devices. You can e-mail files, store them in the cloud, or upload them via your FTP server.

FTP Connect


This free app is very simple and straight-forward: You can use it to connect to your FTP server so you can view your files. It doesn't allow you to upload or download files, but it will give you access when you are out and about and need to get information fast. If you just need basic access on your phone for emergencies or convenience, this app will give you what you need without loading down your OS.

You don't have to wait until you are sitting down at your desktop or laptop to do the business you need to do for your website. You can use one of these FTP clients for your iPhone to get the information you need or to manipulate documents while you are on the go.
What are some of your favorite FTP clients for your iPhone? Share them in the comments!

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