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Website security breaches are now a common problem, hackers are targeting thousands of website daily to achieve their malicious purpose. Website security is a common concern for both web-master and the user of this website, after the security breaches the web-master and user both suffers. It is actually a big issue to handle the security breaches, nobody want their website to be hacked. So everybody want to protect their website and the user also want the protection of their important information which store in the database of website, but question is how?

The answer is,

“You can protect your website by implementing secure code, security policies and by fixing the vulnerabilities”

Automatic web vulnerability scanner tools are very useful to find the vulnerability on a website, but which software is useful in what condition ? This is the question and I want you to give the answer.

Best Web Vulnerability Scanner

I have previously created list of best 6 vulnerability scanner tools, but so many people have asked about their favorite tool which actually was not there. So I am introducing a new section of ehacking here to get user input and maintain the list of best information security tools. At the start of this section we are going to create the list of web vulnerability scanner tool.

How Can I Give my Input ?

Well, the easiest way to give your input is by commenting at the end of this blog post, we are actually asking the same question of our social media channels too but it is highly recommended that you give your input by commenting here.

The list would be contain top 10 scanners from both the house of open source community and commercial edition, so kindly make your comment in the pattern like:

Vega vulnerability scanner
Netsparker web security scanner
and so on

If you are on Facebook (I am sure you have your profile there) than you can participate on poll and make sure to invite your friends so that we will be able to create the best list ever.

I am looking forward to get your input.

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