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Vulnerability scanning and penetration testing tools are the weapon of a hacker and information security expert, tool is the common requirement for both white hat and black hat hackers. So Linux distributions that have designed specially for penetration testing purpose are very important from the point of view of both attacking and defending.

Backtrack is one of the famous Linux distro that has all the necessary tools to conduct a successful attack on the victim network / computer. We all were expecting to get Backtrack 6 because after backtrack 5 it has to be the next version, but the Offensive-Security team has decided to restructure the current distribution and hence Kali Linux as Backtrack 6 has been released.

Kali Linux has been released on March 13th 2013, as the official said that the Kali Linux is more stable and more secure. The video that has been released by official can give the information of overall requirement and expectation from this distro.



Download Backtrack 6 / Kali Linux

Kali Linux is available on the official website with the basic guide on installation and usage.

If you have used Kali Linux than kindly share your views about it, we will publish the Kali Linux installation guide later and the articles would be like:

How to install Kali Linux
Kali Linux Dual Boot Installation with Windows 

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