5 Best Ways to Recover iPad or iPhone Data

An iPad is a wonderful piece of technology familiar to hundreds of millions of us and on the whole, very reliable. Unfortunately, they suffer the same glitches and environmental abuse that laptops are prone to and can sometimes create havoc when the result is data corruption or loss. 

All is not always as it seems however. Data that seems to have disappeared can still often be found and special data recovery software will help you do just that. Although we discuss iPads in this article, it covers both iPad and iPhone as they share a similar file and operating system structure. 
The process for a simple file recovery process is easy:
  1. Make sure you don’t use your mobile device any more until you are ready to make an attempt to recover of your data. Make sure you have taken these steps soon after you have discovered the problem. If a file was accidentally deleted, new files will be written over the space the old deleted file(s) left behind. This will make the old files unrecoverable because unlike old hard drives, flash memory, once overwritten is wiped when the new data is written. 
  2. Download iPad Data Recovery Software This nifty application is a great way to access your iPad directly. It can also read the backups that iTunes makes when you connect. It supports Windows and Mac too so there is flexibility regarding where it can be plugged in and examined. It supports every iPad version including the iPad mini. It’s free too so that’s a great bonus!

  3. Install the application on your PC or Mac. This is pretty quick as it is only a 19Mb download and should only take a couple of minutes on the Internet.

  4. Hook up your iPad to your computer where you just installed the recovery software and spark up the software so you can have a look at the damage to your data and see what can be recovered.

  5. The iPad data recovery software will identify what can be recovered and offer these files to you for copying to another safer location. Select what you want to keep and relocate the files onto the computer your iPad is hooked up to. You should be able to restore calendars, contacts, messages, user data from applications like saved games etc. Make sure you put them back and also make another backup copy in case the device fails again.
If you still cannot find the data you have lost or became corrupted you can always send the device to a specialist iPad and iPhone data recovery service who may be able to help further. There is never any guarantee that data can be recovered but professionals have special tools to help them so have a much better chance when simple recovery methods don’t work.

Author- Raymond Ray is an electrical engineer at SalvageData which provides data recovery services around the world. Raymond enjoys writing and sharing about tech tips and how to guides. The above article tells about iPad and iPhone data recovery tips. Visit him at Google+.

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