5 Steps to Secure Your Wireless Network

In this post, we will discuss 5 effective ways by which you can secure your wireless network and protect your system from hackers. Honestly speaking, securing your wireless network isn’t difficult at all. The main objective of securing wireless network is to restrict others from gaining unauthorized access to your system. Given below are 5 steps by which you can secure your wireless network.


Know how to organize your wireless router

One of the most essential things you need to know is how to manage your wireless router. That is, knowing how to manage your configuration settings. Most wireless router vendors use a standard address which you can type in the address bar of your web browser. The address looks something like this: or may be slightly different. The address differs from one vendor to another. You can find your vendor’s address by looking at the user’s manual that will be given to you at the purchase of the wireless router. If you’ve lost it, then you may either Google-search for your vendor’s user manual or contact your vendor’s customer care.

Secure your wireless router login with a secure password

By the end of step 1, you’ve probably figured out how to manage your wireless router. The next step is to keep a safe and secure password for your admin account. This will ensure that no hacker or external user can hack or break into your wireless network. For this, you need to go to the “Administrative settings” section where you will have the option to change your password. There is a built-in database where your default username and passwords are saved. Here you can find all the default login details of all brands of routers, modems, switches, and other equipments that are a part of your wireless home network – regardless of whether your network system is wired or wireless. The general location information is something like this: http://www.cirt.net/pswds.  Change your default login id and password to a strong and secure one.

Modify your SSID and disable the SSID broadcast

If you are not aware, the SSID is nothing but the default name given to your wireless router. The general SSID would be the word “default” or “your brand name” (e.g. Linksys). Changing your SSID will not only make your wireless network more safe and secure but will also restrict neighboring sources from knowing which network you are currently connected to. By changing your SSID name, you are making your wireless network completely yours and blocking all other sources from gaining entry into your network.

Switching off or disabling your SSID broadcast is another great idea to make your network much more secure and stronger. Also by disabling the SSID, you don’t have to worry about remembering the name of your network each time you login. Switching off your SSID broadcast makes it easy for the equipments in the network to be accessible to each other within a given range while going invisible to people outside the network.

Limit the number of login attempts

By limiting the number of user addresses or login attempts, you are allowing a very bleak chance for the hackers to try and crack your system – it’s highly unlikely though. Already enough security measure4s have been taken and this one is just to shield them.

Get assistance from the big boys

If your information is highly confidential and is worth a ton, then consider having a wireless hardware security system in place. For example, AirDefense is one such server application that intends to connect to the security sensors located near your access points. Systems like these ensure that your wireless network is completely safe from hackers, but they aren’t cheap – the price for these applications ranges from $10,000 to $100,000, depending on the number and type of sensors that you need.

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