Facebook Places Location Tracking - Risks

Facebook, the most visited social networking site and also the chronicle of life these days for many of us, has constantly updated its features. The social networking giant is now a part of the day-to-day routine for more than one billion people all across the globe. But, how many people have checked the Facebook Places Location Tracking feature? Have you ever bothered to even click the Places map on your Facebook Timeline, and check what it is all about? How many even know what exactly Facebook Places Location Tracking is?

Facebook Places Location Tracking is a service that aggregates all your geo data like photos you are tagged at different locations, status posts you made from various places, etc., and represents all the data in the map on your Facebook Timeline. Depending on your privacy settings, this information can be viewed by your friends and others. With this service you can share your location with your friends and also get to know about your friends’ whereabouts. When it comes to Facebook Places Location Tracking there are various benefits as well as risks involved. Here I list out a few:

  • You get to add location to your status updates, photos and also tag a location with your friends.
  • Talking about small businesses, they can leverage Facebook Places Location Tracking for marketing and promoting at the most affordable rate.
  • Viral Sharing Options – Whenever you check in to a place that is announced on your wall and also your stream allowing your friends to comment and like.
  • Facebook Places Location Tracking services makes your location data available to your friends by default, regardless of you wish to disclose your location or not. There isn’t an opt-out to avoid being tracked. If you have checked-in to a location, then you have certainly got rid of the privacy you may possess.
  • For people, who wish not to reveal what they are doing, Facebook Places Location Tracking is certainly comes with another set of risks, as even if they don’t check-in, their friends might tag them.
  • That’s not all… Consistent use of this feature can even reveal patterns of your day-to-day life that makes it easier for any stalker to know your schedule beforehand.
  • Facebook Places Location Tracking is highly resourceful in terms of advertising your business as the ads can be targeted based on age groups and location.
  • You can also use this service to promote any events like a karaoke night and club meetings. You can talk about the upcoming events and also invite your friends and fans to the events using Facebook Places Location Tracking service.
  • The employers can ask their employees to check in to their place, to generate buzz and make their business visible and increase the chances of their company going viral.
Facebook Places Location Tracking is a valuable tool that can help in increasing the customer base if used judiciously.

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