Experts Contemplate If OWASP Top 10 List Should Be Changed Or Not?

Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is an organization that grabbed the attention of millions through its incomparable services. It’s a Non Profit Organization that alerts the users worldwide about the Security weaknesses of the various applications and many security flaws of various Internet Applications like Internet Banking. It also warns about the security aspects of computers too. Providing updates on all the latest information regarding new web apps has been a top focus of this autonomous body. OWASP continuously assesses the security levels of these applications. Many new internet users find it very handy.

The OWASP Team keeps the entity going

The OWASP Team contains various security experts from multiple domains and the various walks of life. The team is filled with volunteers who strive hard on each project they take up. The job of the team is not so simple, especially given their methodologies and techniques used. They view every aspect with an in-depth purview. The name achieved by the team that “it is non commercial and will not support any company” was attained due to its enormous contribution to the field of technology.

Counting down the list of ‘Top 10’

The top 10 list of the most dangerous security applications is published by the organization. It contains valuable information that every person accessing the computer must necessarily be aware of. The list gives an insight into the top 10 security attacks and breaches which were conducted over the years, as recorded and viewed by the various technical experts.

Knowing more about the ‘Top 10’

The Top 10 includes certain key and important procedures to break the security system which is currently in implementation by certain application developers and can be seen in their applications. It covers all the notable aspects and issues like improper error management, failure in buffer management, secured authentication break up, worst session management and failure to save the data packets from being copied by the attackers.
It includes many such things which are quite crucial; utmost attention must be paid while handling these critical applications. These also include certain aspects like Internet banking which is so sensitive that the attacker can steal the money of an innocent individual once he/she gets unauthorized access to the details. Sometimes it also includes the privacy matters of individuals which are extremely confidential.

What are the good pointers of ‘Top 10’?

The list of top 10 broadly helps the users to a large extent. It is because all the users can not go through the entire aspects due to time constraints. Sometimes they may come across the unwanted stuff that is of no use to them. But these top ten lists are very crucial and almost every user will find it useful. It guides them to choose the better security application versions among the available applications. The OWASP is of the view that the Top 10 pointers mentioned in the list are more important than many new threats. Hence they may prefer to continue with the same list. The list of top 10 for the year 2012 is yet to be declared, though the experts are not expecting too many changes in it.
In spite of many arguments, one should not ignore the great contribution of the organization to various computer users. We can only anticipate that the new OWASP Top 10 will emerge in future with flying colours and will be a force to reckon with.
Tom Rhoddings is a freelance writer and author of this guest post. He helps provide useful tips in the field of application security.

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