Why You Need A Mac Virus Protection

The new Mac computer users might believe that Apple systems are safe and
have no errors, while breaking into them is almost impossible. If they
take a few minutes to learn about them, they can easily figure out that
hacking the Mac OS is not such a hard task and there are plenty of
related past records. Even Apple announced this kind of problem in 2008,
when it suggested advanced security programs to be installed on its
products. With more than three hundred times less viruses than Windows,
Mac OS X can still be threatened.

The Problem

Most viruses are hidden around websites. You search for something in
particular and you get dozens of results. Checking out one of them is a
risk if you don’t have any protection. The malicious script might be
included in the source code of the webpage and could install
automatically and run in the background.

At the same time, most Apple users think they can survive and get over
these problems with only the regular updates from their manufacturer.
This is simply is not true.

Although such security updates are meant to improve the systems and
ensure some extra safety, they cannot guarantee for your system’s
complete security. If you have the fake feeling that you got nothing to
worry about, perhaps you should reconsider these thoughts. Other than
that, some Windows scripts can also affect the Mac OS X systems –
especially if you run a Microsoft operating system on your Mac. Such
cases are rare, indeed. Most scripts are developed for particular
systems, but this is not a general rule. You would be surprised to check
out some statistics and find out how exposed you are.

2008 was one of the toughest years for Apple, but also one of the most
profitable ones. The Apple market is quickly growing, regardless of the
products it relies on. The iPhones run the mobile world, as the Mac OS X
systems are said to be the safest, not to mention about the crazy
success iPad 2 had.

Although Windows is more user-friendly and people are somehow familiar
with it, switching is still a very reliable option. With the market
growing, the same rule applies to the hacking orientations. With more
potential victims, this field is more likely to be attacked with extra
weapons. A little over three hundred harmful applications coded for Mac
is an insignificant number for many users, especially when they think
about the one million viruses that can attack Windows powered computers.
But with time, things are definitely about to change.

Names like Jahlav, RSPlug, HellRTS, OpinionSpy or Boonana are very
popular among the malicious scripts that can affect the Apple Mac
computers. They usually create easy backdoors for hackers and notify
them on your corrupted system. From that moment on, intercepting your
online banking information or other private stuff is piece of cake. Some
other scripts have been developed in controlled environments, only for
Apple to come up with solid updates and combat programs.

The Solution

All in all, the general conclusion is simple. The system can be attacked
by hackers, so you definitely need a good Mac antivirus. Just remember
that although it is safer than other systems, but it is not 100% clear.

About the author: This article is written by Robert Woods who writes
about various subjects related to technology and computer, including Mac
antivirus and security. Please check out
www.antivirusformac.org to find other related articles.

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