Sandcat Browser Pen-Tester Browser

Sandcat Browser is a freeware portable pen-test oriented multi-tabbed web browser with extensions support developed by the Syhunt team, the same creators of the Syhunt Web Application Security Scanner. The Sandcat Browser is built on top of Chromium, the same engine that powers the Google Chrome browser, and uses the Lua language to provide extensions and scripting support. 

Sandcat Browser includes the following pen-test oriented features:
  • Live HTTP Headers
  • Sandcat Console - an extensible command line console; Allows you to easily run custom commands and scripts against a target website
  • Request Editor extension
  • Fuzzer extension with multiple modes and support for filters
  • JavaScript Executor extension — allows you to load and run external JavaScript files
  • Lua Executor extension — allows you to load and run external Lua scripts
  • Syhunt Gelo — simplifies and accelerates the development of exploit-oriented extensions.
  • PageInfo extension — allows you to view the page headers, JavaScript objects and more.
  • Tor extension — Anonymity for standard browsing and for sending requests
  • HTTP Brute Force, CGI Scanner scripts, Encoders/Decoders and more.

In comparison with the full-featured Sandcat Browser application included with Syhunt Hybrid, this Sandcat Browser edition doesn't come with:
  • the Sandcat Pro extensions
  • Scanner integration — allows you to perform manual crawling
  • Spider cache integration
  • Request replay capabilities
  • CatSense™ — which offers instant page analysis information 

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