IT Disaster Recovery Top Trends

The natural calamities do often cause losses in many ways including ruining the infrastructure of any business organization and huge data loss. Hence you could see disasters like snowstorms, earthquakes and hurricanes destroying the corporate facilities and data centers to a great extent. Therefore businesses today feel the need of having a tangible disaster recovery plan to deal with any such situation.


The disaster recovery is influenced by a number of trends, which companies plan, implement and check their recovery strategies. The IT and security teams are supposed to enhance the trends found in disaster recovery, which can help the companies to carry out steps instead of making their efforts complicated. Let’s check out the top trends found in IT disaster recovery as discussed under:

Cloud services

Since the use of cloud technology is improving every passing day leading to its access to different companies, hence IT companies and security providers consider it as an important resource to chalk out a competent recovery strategy. The cloud configuration simply helps the corporate users to carry out software upgrades all over the multiple tenant systems without any disruptions since the storage is virtualized. As per the Forrester Research reports, a number of companies call cloud strategy as a vital trend as it has the potentials of shaking up the legacy systems. It can be embarked as a feasible option to different companies in disaster recovery trends.


Lately, server virtualization is among the emerging trends found in technology sector, which has made companies to consider it as an important element of a good disaster recovery strategy. It has the capacity to expedite the disaster recovery strategy implementation along with recovering the business data during any disaster in quick time. Also, virtualization has the potentials of making disaster recovery like an IT function instead of corporate audit type function. Lastly, the easy portability of virtual machines has helped companies and business organizations to use this technology as a crucial piece during their recovery efforts.

Mobile devices over the workplace

The use of Mobile devices at workplaces is another popular trend, which means that these devices could play an important role in recovering procedures from any kind of disaster. The mobile devices are easier to carry anywhere and thus could help the IT team and security providers in the disaster recovery. However, the very same devices simply make the DR process a bit complicated. Here you need a proper mobile device management system along with a number of tools like BlackBerry Enterprise Server. All of these things together make the process complex for the disaster recovery management. Yet experts feel that with enhanced and planned methods, you could embark with more easy solutions.

Social media

Unlike the mobile devices, social media is an important platform, which companies have to remain in touch before and after any disaster. There are instances when employees remained in touch during the disaster time due to snowstorms using platforms like Facebook and Twitter or even through the emails. If businesses rely over the directory services or exchange based internal email systems then during disasters, social media could be called as the most viable alternative for all. As per the Forrester, social networking platforms could be called as a vital player for the disaster recovery programs.

Final word

There is always a threat to data centers of research and commercial organizations for natural calamities and manmade disasters. Hence it is important for such groups to embark with a competent disaster recovery strategy. While chalking out the same, the above four trends found in this domain could help you in devising some of the best disaster recovery program for your business or research organization.

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