Information Security Degrees: The Glamorous Possibilities

your goal is to someday have an above-average salary and excellent
job security, information security is right up your alley. A degree
in information security will open up your world to many diverse
career possibilities, so if you’re considering this exciting field,
read on.

High Demand
and High Salary


corporations, such as Facebook, Sony and Skype, depend on information
security professionals to protect the sanctity of their employees,
investors and customers. Do you remember the infamous Sony hackers
incident in 2011? Millions of people had their personal information
jeopardized because hackers outsmarted Sony’s security. Information
security professionals who excel at their jobs are always in high
demand for this reason; no company wants to find itself in the middle
of a controversy because it was unable to protect consumer
information. After this happened, corporations began taking security
much more seriously and are more willing than ever to pay qualified
individuals very well to guarantee security. According to the Bureau
of Labor Statistics, the median income for information security
analysts, web developers and computer network architects is $76,000 a
year. Those titles are just a few of the career possibilities.

hackers are always getting smarter, so your job will constantly
evolve—don’t expect a hum-drum routine. Also, information security
is a great choice for adventurous types, as this skill set is in
demand all over the world.


is a wealth of career possibilities, should you acquire a degree in
information security, and you may be surprised to discover how
exciting they truly are.

Crime Investigator:
Government and law enforcement agencies need
information security specialists to assist investigations into
crimes involving computers. Computer crime investigators get to use
advanced technology in order to uncover deleted or hidden data.

Government and the private sector are always in need of
malware analysts to examine malicious software like bots and worms in
order to analyze the nature of their threats. Reverse engineering is
used, and many companies will hire these professionals to develop
ways of blocking malicious code as well as to protect their
environment and respond to incidents.

Security Forensics Expert:
This path involves analyzing the
aftermath of a system’s security breach in order to figure out how
it occurred, in addition to which systems were compromised. This role
is fitting for an expert in reverse engineering as well as forensics.
Not to mention, you must always be up to date with the latest methods
of system exploitation.

These professionals analyze computer systems to identify
who is responsible for the misuse of a system or to find out what
type of hardware/software was used to commit a crime. Major banking,
financial and health organizations are always in need of forensic
analysts to preserve and interpret computer evidence.

When a security incident is discovered, companies call
upon an incident responder to immediately monitor computer systems
for breaches and report them so the appropriate countermeasures are
taken accordingly and in a timely manner.

Security Analyst:
Because demand is so high, this option could
lead to employment with almost any company. The majority of
businesses require an information security analyst because they
assess the effectiveness of information security policies and point
out vulnerable aspects of their systems. Analysts work in multiple
departments of the company in order to make suggestions for

Information Security Officer
: If you can handle a lot of
responsibility and enjoy being in charge, this career is an excellent
choice. Large organizations need officers to oversee the entire
network of people who safeguard a company’s security. They
determine what the company’s digital protection objectives are and
oversee investigation of security breaches.

Your Information Security Degree From an Online Program

you think you don’t have the time to pursue one of these exciting
careers, you may want to think again. Online degree programs have
made it possible for you to obtain your degree in a flexible format
that suits your schedule while learning from some of the most
experienced people in the field. You can broaden your understanding
of the industry and reach your educational goals while still juggling
other obligations. Earning your information security degree online
may just be the right choice for your professional life.

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the Author: Jordan
Foster is a college senior working toward completing his online public safety degree.
A self-dubbed “geek,” he enjoys researching malware trends and
analyzing static codes in his free time. information security degree online
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