Cybercrime Now Goes Social

In the current generation everyone should know about the word “Cybercrime” as it includes spyware, computer viruses, fake links that could capture our personal information, online bullying, bank accounts fraud and many more. It is the scam which is used to gather personal information without the owner’s knowledge. Before people used to target desktops for tracking personal data but due to advancement in mobile phone hackers are preferring mobile phones and social networking sites. 

The usage of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo etc., has increased drastically with which cybercriminals are also looking forward to these sites. We upload videos, pictures and share our personal details. We also add friends and family members to our accounts. We see many advertisements and applications on social media, which usually scam users. These are also called Phishing links; if you click onto this link you will get a new page asking email id and password. As soon as you enter a user name and password, your account gets hacked then it can be misused by applying to Gmail, PayPal and other accounts. A survey says that nearly 5 out of 10 people are falling victims to this fraud. There are many reasons behind this such as:

  • Nearly 33% of people don’t log out their accounts from a session.
  • There are 36% of people who accept friend requests from strangers.
  • Many people don’t check and click on unknown web links which leads to “Phishing”.
  • Not having knowledge about privacy settings to secure their accounts.

To overcome such problems and to protect your accounts, you should take some useful measures like to avoid unknown friend requests, good privacy, ignoring Phishing links etc. Always make sure to change your passwords often and use lengthy passwords. People can even opt for threat management appliances in order to overcome cyber-attacks. This is a recently developed solution for industries based on network securities which has multiple features like anti-spam, filtering content, prevention of data leakage and so on. 

For example, Cyberoam Unified threat management (UTM) appliances are offering solutions for large, medium and small enterprises with comprehensive features. All the specifications are integrated on a single platform. Cyberoam UTM offers security from layer 1 to layer 8. It ensures effective network security, connectivity, availability and controlled network access to customer, partners, telecommuters etc. The highlights of this tool are it shifts from firewall to unified threat management security, layers from 1 to 8, VPN, IPS and advanced network security.

Similarly there are many UTM’s available on the market such as Endian, Extensible, Hewlet Packard 200 UTM for effective and high network security. These devices can be installed in your enterprises to overcome the problem of cyber-attacks. The prices of UTM’s vary from one brand to another and are not much expensive. If you are short of cash to purchase these tools then you can opt for same day cash loans for getting instant money. Hence it is necessary to ensure security processes and stay away from Cyber-crimes.

About the Author:

The guest post was contributed by Alicia, financial guest blogger from Manchester, UK. Find out more about her finance related blogs at financeport
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