Google Tracked Web Users Bypassing iPhone Security

This is an era where innovative technologies hit the market on a regular basis. In fact, humans have been quite accustomed to the technological changes that take place so frequently. Also, lives of people have become too much dependent on these modern innovative technologies. Be it internet, mobile smartphone, or television media, people have become extremely intoxicated to using these devices.

With enormous advantages of modern communication devices and internet, there is also some point of concern as well. Data breach, security hacking, and unethical business practices through the help of modern technologies have become more severe these days. Recently, Wall Street journal published an unethical business practice that is making waves in the mobile communication market. The journal accused major online advertising companies like Google for compromising the security settings of different iPhone as well Apple desktop users who runs the safari browser in their devices.

Wall Street Journal not only accused Google but also other major online advertising firms like Point Roll, Vibrant Media, and WPP that used some specific code to trick the extremely popular web browser Safari. This allowed them to secretly monitor the behavior of the iPhone users by bypassing default security settings that has been designed in some particular manner to block such intrusions.

In fact, bypassing security settings is not the correct approach to track user behavior or for understanding the commercial cycles. This attempt not only kept most of the iPhone and Safari Browser users in dark, but it all questioned the overall security and privacy policies of these notable advertisers. It can also be recalled that Apple’s privacy settings (default) definitely disallows any company to use cookies for
tracking user behavior while using different web enabled services. However, notable advertisers like Google and others never took any time to think twice before breaching the security for mere commercial tracking purpose. And what for? To achieve some commercial gains! It's surely a rubbish and insulting approach from these notable advertisers. They should be sued for their conduct. Strong apology from these advertisers is expected.

Well, an amazing fact is that till now Google or any of the other advertisers have never pledged for an apology regarding their unprofessional behavior. Isn't it funny? This means they will again carryout such activities in the near future. However, they have disabled the secret tracking code once Wall Street published about their dirty activities, but remained unapologetic. Instead, they tried to convince people with the fact that Wall Street misunderstood their approach completely. In a public statement, Google addressed that cookies used by them were not for tracking any sort of public behavior. In fact, those cookies were not powerful enough to collect any type of personal information. Other companies involved
in such security breach issues also never admitted their guilt. Many of these advertisers said that they were totally unaware of such security breach or any of the illegal activities.

There are many tech and web companies that offer free products and then earns through online advertising. But, also remember that these companies often try to act too smartly while trying to cross the privacy line of clients to learn about customer behavior. All for commercial gains, such approach may not help in creating a positive reputation for that particular company. Breaching security is a serious offense and can result in legal initiatives.

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