Your Facebook Account Hacked? Protect it Now!

Facebook has become a popular platform not only for social networking but also for business promotion. You will find many brand exposure on Facebook these days. But how will you feel when such an important account gets hacked? In the present scenario, hacking a Facebook account is quite alike hacking the email account or the bank account. It’s true that your life seems to get ruined when your Facebook account gets hacked.

Many users spend hours after hours staying online on these sites and hence, such a breach of act can affect them adversely. When your account gets hacked, all your personal details are hijacked and spam mails are sent to a number of high grade professionals. Want to safeguard yourself from getting hacked?
Follow these steps and protect yourself.

Turn the Login Notifications on

Turning on the login notifications will warn you whenever the Facebook account is accessed from some other device. How to enable this notification?

Go to Account Settings > click on Security icon > choose Notifications > put checkmark beside the box labeled as ‘Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) when possible’ > click on Save Changes. You are done! By enabling this, you will at once get a mail, if someone else tries to access your Facebook account.

Enable Secure Browsing

Secure Browsing makes use of encrypted connection in place of standard one. This protects your Facebook account by scrambling your data in order to prohibit the third party user from stealing your
Facebook details through some other network. Don’t you have turned on Security Browsing? Go ahead now.

Step 1: Go to Account Settings

Step 2: Click on Security icon

Step 3: Choose Secure Browsing * Edit

Step 4: Check the box beside ‘Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) when possible’

Step 5: click on Save Changes

Isn’t this an easy process? Try it and enable the security feature.

Beware of Scams

Nowadays, you must have seen ‘Remove Facebook Timeline’ scam quite often in your account. Don’t make the mistake of clicking on ‘Like’ or ‘Continue’ since this may enable the scammer in hacking your\ account. Whenever you find some alarming message in the status update of your Facebook, Google it and verify it before proceeding further with it.

Change the Password Often

Most of the users do not have the habit of changing the password quite often. If you find some weird message that you have not posted on the wall of your Facebook account, you should be confirm that your account is hacked. The first measure that you need to take in this regard is changing of the password as soon as possible.

A password should always be a combination of characters, numbers and letters so that hackers have problem in guessing your password. Hacking your email account means getting access to all your recovery mails as well. Hence secure your mail account.

When you are browsing the web world, make sure that you have sufficient security software and protection. Enjoy safe online access!

Author’s Bio: Robert C. is one of the well known virus removal software specialists whom you can contact for any kind of information. His advice is highly appreciable.

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