SP Toolkit – spt Phishing Toolkit

The basic idea we (the spt project) had was that wouldn’t it be cool
if there were a simple, effective, easy to use and free (most
importantly!) tool that information security professionals could use to
evaluate and train what we all know is the weakest link in any security
minded organization:  the people.  Since the founders of the spt project
are themselves information security professionals by day (and possibly
either LOL cats or zombies by night), they themselves faced the
frustration of dealing with people within their own organizations that
claimed to know better, but 9 times out of 10 fell for the most absurdly
obvious phishing emails ever seen. 

A malware outbreak here, a stolen
password and loss of critical organizational data there and the costs of
dealing with the results of phishing can get to be astronomical pretty
darn quickly!

Enter spt.  spt was made from scratch, like a baby (or maybe a
zombie) with the goal of giving over-worked and under-staffed
information security professionals a simple tool (more like a framework,
as we hope to add more features over time) that could be used to
identify and train those weakest links.  spt is a fully self-contained
phishing email toolkit that can be installed, configured and phishing in
less than 15 minutes.  Its design is modular and open-ended allowing
for future expansion and additional features via easy to snap-in modules
that are simply uploaded in the administration dashboard.  Why not try
out spt today and see who your weakest link is?
spt is a simple concept with powerful possibilities.  It is what it’s name implies:  a simple phishing toolkit.

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