Result & Solution of Image Cracking Challenge

There was a challenge has been published on the blog to find the secret message(s) hidden on the images, the challenge contain the brief information of the background story and the requirements it was a small practice so that everyone can evaluate their knowledge and skills. So in this article I will show you the technique to find the hidden message and I will announce the name of the people who has successfully found the messages.

There might be several ways to find the hidden message but the concept is very general which is steganography (an art of hidden communication). There are so many online tools are available that can help you to find the secret message from an image and there are so many tools for desktop usage are also available and I will discuss the tool called “stepic” which is available on backtrack 5 r1 and r2.

So the answer of the challenge is:

Two images contain the hidden message, the image number 1 and the image number 2 respectively.”

# stepic -d -i image1.png
this is not enough you need to find more
# stepic -d -i image2.png
so you did it, two images has the secret message
# stepic -d -i image3.png

Below are the names of the people who has solved the challenge, I don't know whatever technique they have used but they have found the secret messages.

  • bgood
  • R!pster
  • Ceasertheape
  • Rusyidi Rosli
  • papyHerman
  • timos petropoulos
  • Jmt

If something wrong with the result, I mean if your name is not here then let me know.

So I hope you have enjoyed it and if you some ideas for the future challenge then kindly share it with me because is a community and we need to make it more effective and the right place to get the knowledge. All of the comments are approved on the challenge page.

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