AnonTube Anonymous Video Website

the famous hacktivist group who has been involved on the several
activities, anonymous has previously released
an alternate of pastebin but at this time anonymous has released
their video channel or a video website called AnonTube. According to
the anonymous official the Anontube is the place where everyone can
put videos of hacking and music.

The Anontube does not
require your email for registration all you need to do is to just
create an account via simple three step:
  1. Enter the desire
  2. Enter your
  3. Answer the
    security question
This is what you need
for registration, after registration you are allow to upload your
files. If you don’t want to upload any file but you want to download
the tutorials then you can do this even without registration since it
is open for all people.
Anontube support both
audio and video files and here is the screen shot of the website:


The official URL of the AnonTube is http://anontube.expect-us.net/
This is just a news shared by the ehacking.net

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