WebSploit Toolkit – Remote System Security Scanner

WebSploit is an open source project
which is used to scan and analysis remote system in order to find
various type of vulnerabilities. This tool is very powerful and
support multiple vulnerabilities. 

Key Features

  • Autopwn – Used From Metasploit For
    Scan and Exploit Target Service
  • wmap – Scan,Crawler Target Used
    From Metasploit wmap plugin
  • format infector – inject reverse &
    bind payload into file format
  • phpmyadmin – Search Target
    phpmyadmin login page
  • lfi – Scan,Bypass local file
    inclusion Vulnerability & can be bypass some WAF
  • apache users – search server
    username directory (if use from apache webserver)
  • Dir Bruter – brute target
    directory with wordlist
  • admin finder – search admin &
    login page of target
  • MLITM Attack – Man Left In The
    Middle, XSS Phishing Attacks
  • MITM – Man In The Middle Attack
  • Java Applet Attack – Java Signed
    Applet Attack
  • MFOD Attack Vector – Middle Finger
    Of Doom Attack Vector
  • USB Infection Attack – Create
    Executable Backdoor For Infect USB For Windows
  • ARP DOS – ARP Cache Denial Of
    Service Attack With Random MAC


Click here to download the websploit. 
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