web-sorrow Web Server Scanner & Enumeration

Automatic scanning has worth, automatic scanner save time and can do work efficiently. There are various automatic tools are available on public some for web application vulnerability scanning and for network or system level scanning. Nikto is a wonderful open source tool to analyze a web server for misconfiguration and for the common vulnerability but Nikto is not a single player in information security and penetration testing, there is another a tool called Web-Sorrow.  

web-sorrow is a perl based tool used for checking a Web server for misconfiguration, version detection, enumeration, and server information. what is’s NOT: 
  • Vulnerably scanner 
  • Inspection proxy
  • DDoS tool 
  • Exploitation framework 


    -host [host] — Defines host to scan.
    -proxy [ip:port] — use a proxy server
    -S — Standard misconfig and other checks
    -Eb — Error Begging. Sometimes a 404 page contains server info such as daemon or even the OS
    -auth — Dictionary attack to find login pages (not passwords)
    -cmsPlugins [dp | jm | wp | all] — check for cms plugins. dp = drupal, jm = joomla, wp = wordpress (db’s a bit outdated 2010)
    -I — Find interesting strings in pages (very verbose)
    -Fd — look for common interesting files and dirs
    -Ws — look for Web Services on host. such as hosting porvider, blogging service, favicon fingerprinting, and cms version info
    -e — everything. run all scans


basic: perl Wsorrow.pl -host scanme.nmap.org -S
look for login pages: perl Wsorrow.pl -host -auth
most intense scan possible: perl Wsorrow.pl -host -e

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