Subterfuge - Man-in-the-Middle Attack Framework Tutorial

Subterfuge, a Framework to take the arcane art of Man-in-the-Middle Attack and make it as simple as point and shoot. A beautiful, easy to use interface which produces a more transparent and effective attack is what sets Subterfuge apart from other attack tools. Subterfuge demonstrates vulnerabilities in the ARP Protocol by harvesting credentials that go across the network, and even exploiting machines through race conditions.

Subterfuge is a small but devastatingly effective credential-harvesting program which exploits a vulnerability in the Address Resolution Protocol. It does this in a way that a non-technical user would have the ability, at the push of a button, to harvest all of the usernames and passwords of victims on their connected network, thus equipping information and network security professionals with a “push-button” security validation tool.  

The video below show you how to configure subterfuge on your computer, the operating system shown in the video is backtrack 5 but you can install subterfuge in other Linux distribution because subterfuge install dependencies by itself.

So this is a small video in the subterfuge tutorial I will show you how to perform the various attack. Do not forget to comment about this wonderful tool and do not forget to share your experiences regrading the framework.

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