Pentest.sh Penetration Testing Script for Backtrack 5

Penetration testing and Ethical hacking can be done by manually and automatically, both manual and automatic vulnerability scanning and hacking has their own importance like automatic process save time while manual hacking can find more vulnerabilities and so on. There are so many tools and techniques has been discussed before but in this article I will share a wonderful script written by phillips321 that can make the job of information gathering and enumeration easy.

The script has been designed for backtrack 5 operating system and it can work on backtrack 5 R1 too, the dependencies and the tools that has been mentioned in the script are :

#       nmap
#       sslscan
#       gnome-web-photo
#       arp-scan
#       dialog
#       onesixtyone
#       amap

On your backtrack 5 kindly use the terminal to install the dependencies by using 

apt-get install sslscan gnome-web-photo arp-scan dialog

The script as follows 

# Author:     phillips321 contact through phillips321.co.uk
# License:    CC BY-SA 3.0
# Use:        All in one pentest script designed for bt5
# Released:   www.phillips321.co.uk
# Dependencies:
#       nmap
#       sslscan
#       gnome-web-photo
#       arp-scan
#       dialog
#       onesixtyone
#       amap
# backtrack users can apt-get install sslscan gnome-web-photo arp-scan dialog
# ToDo:
#       nikto
#       add ability to launch nesssus against targets
#       ldapminer: wine ldapminer.exe -d -h ${ip}
#       add nfs connect followed by tree command
#       add snmp test using swaks –to [email protected] –server test-server.example.net
#       add uniscan http://${ip}:${port}/ | tee ${ip}.${port}.uniscan.txt

Get the complete script from here.

Since it is a bash script so all you need to do is to just copy the script and paste on your text editor “gedit” in backtrack 5 and then save it to whatever.sh 
Open the terminal, locate the directory where you have saved the script before and launch the script, for example

[email protected]:~/Desktop# sh ehacking.sh

Share your experience with the script.

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