Top Security Apps for iOS

Apps can be built for every purpose. They can be simple games, or they can add new features to your phone or tablet. One of the coolest functions that apps can provide is security. Through a combination of iOS and a mobile broadband connection, home security from anywhere is as simple as launching an app. I’ve sorted through a number of the apps on the iTunes App Store in search of the best mobile and home security apps for iOS.

Ever worry about having unwanted guests on your wireless network? Then Snap is an app for you. Just launch Snap, and it scans the network you’re on to find what machines are connected to it. The results it returns include information about the manufacturer of the device it found, as well as what type of device it is and any other pertinent information. Snap is perfect for finding rogue users on your own network, as well as finding out who else is using a public network. Snap is available for $1.99 on the App Store.


SplashID bills itself as a safe for the iPhone. The tool uses 256-bit encryption to store vital information such as passwords, but also lets you store even more critical information. Things such as credit card numbers, prescription numbers and more can be stored with SplashID. Other features of the app include anti-phishing icons to take you to the correct website every time, and a tab showing you your most frequently accessed records. The app costs a rather stiff $9.99, but for the added security it’s worth it.

Viewer for Axis Cams

Viewer for Axis Cams gives users true home security no matter where they are. This app requires you to own at least one Axis surveillance camera. It can be configured to one camera, and it supports up to a hundred in case you have multiple cameras. The tool allows you to edit the settings on a camera, and also provides notifications in case a camera goes out. Available for $4.99 in the App Store, Viewer for Axis Cams is a necessity for owners of Axis cameras.


iPortScan lets you administrators check a known system to see what services are listening in. Essentially, it’s a fast port scan that can be done from any mobile broadband connection. With the results of the port scan, administrators can be sure that nothing on the system is open unless it should be. As a $1.99 download from the App Store, its makers claim that it’s a necessity for any security professional. With the features it provides at this price, it’s hard to disagree.

Wyse PocketCloud

PocketCloud provides security in a number of ways. The app is used to remotely access a Windows or Mac desktop from any iOS device. This lets security administrators access network tools that are on their computer that aren’t available on iOS. Even from a consumer perspective, PocketCloud gives users the ability to remotely access their computer to access any files on it, and it does this with SSL support for maximum security. You’ll be able to make sure no one is accessing your computer that shouldn’t be, and perform any security related functions from your computer as well. At $14.99, it’s not for everyone, but those who buy it will certainly appreciate it.

Because the functions of these apps vary so greatly, one of them is bound to suit your needs. Give a couple of them a try and see how you like it. You just might turn your iOS device into a mobile security system.

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