Solution of Cracking Challenge

Crack it if you can a challenge, so I hope you have enjoyed a little challenge and I hope you have tried it by yourself whether you are fail or not. Well most of the people try to use and want how to use back-doors to hack into a friend computer or enemy computer and they usually don;t care about cryptography or secret communication strategy. If you are a computer science student or professional and if you have read some cryptography techniques then it is good because I will not discuss it.

So what is hidden and how I hide my into image, look at the comment:

Steganography an art of hidden communication sound like cryptography but there is a little difference between steganography and cryptography. Steganography is an art of hidden communication (means to hide your secret message into a normal message) while cryptography is an art of secret communication means to encrypt your message so that nobody can read but they still can understand that this contain some secret data.

You can hide any secret message into image, audio, video and protocols this is what a steganography. I have just hide a message into an image by using a little tool that is available on backtrack 5 or backtrack 5 R1.Well here is the tool that can easily find the hidden message as I said it requires only few seconds if and only if you understand what actually the mechanism is.

If you want to encode your image by using stepic then use this command:

# stepic -e -i input.png -t msg.txt -o after.png

I did a simple steganography without any key and I would appreciate your comments here. I would invite you to join this discussion forum for more communication between us.


  1. Ricardo Pistarino
  2. VennY
  3. theorren
  4. Deves
  5. garduino
  6. Ashwamedhayagam
  7. Root Boot
  8. Godcsu
  9. Spencer Rawlins
  10. S.Arshad

I would appreciate if you guys share your method like how did you notice that this image based on steganography and how did you find the message.

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