Asterisk Tutorial For Beginners- Trixbox Tutorial

VoIP or voice over IP (Internet protocol) is now become a next generation communication medium, VoIP is a method of transmission and the infrastructure of VoIP based on IP network. There are so many advantages of VoIP but this is not the topic of our article. Asterisk is a wonderful software that has been designed to make your computer a communication server, it is an open source software means available free of cost. Trixbox is based on asterisk project and it is an alternate of PBX. This is going to be a series of tutorial in which I will show you how to install trixbox and how to configure and how to make your first call.

How to Install Trixbox on Virtual Machine?

Lets build an IP based network for communication based on Trixbox, in this tutorial I will install Trixbox in a virtual machine and the software known as virtualbox. Go and download the latest version of virtualbox and trixbox.

  • Create on the New button of virtualbox to start wizard, click on the next than enter the name and operating system configuration for your trixbox.

  • Allocate a memory size 512 MB is enough for this job.
  • Than it will give you two options, whether create a new hard disk or use existing hard disk. Create a new virtual hard disk for this purpose.

  • When it will ask about virtual disk storage type there will be two options like dynamic allocated and fixed size. Choose dynamic allocated because whenever your server require more HDD (hard disk drive) space it will automatically give more space

  • Than the next windows will ask you about virtual disk file location and size, it is fine to leave the location by default and 8 GB memory size if enough for startup.

  • On the next windows go through from each and everything than click on the create button so that it will create a virtual space for trixbox.

  • Now after creating the space you will need to install trixbox on it, as you have downloaded ISO image of trixbox from the website mentioned above. Now all you need to do right click on the trixbox icon of your virtual box than click on setting.
  • In the setting panel click on storage than empty than browse the downloaded ISO image.

  • On the next step click on setting than network than enable network adapter and choose bridge adapter so that this virtual machine will connect to your network.
We have successfully setup all these stuffs now there is a need to start this virtual machine.
  • Click on start to start the virtualbox, it will automatically boot trixbox because we have launched it on the previous step. Hit enter at the boot menu so that it will go further.

  • The next window will ask you to choose your keyboard layout, choose whatever you want.
  • On the next step you need to choose your zone, use Tab button to move cursor and hit OK.

  • On the next window you need to be very careful because it will ask about the root password, enter a password and do not forget it, hit enter.
  • Now you need to wait so that it will complete the installation. It will take some time depends on your computer speed.
  • When all the installation will complete it will restart if not than restart this virtual machine.
  • On the next start it will show the start menu than you need to be wait so that it will ask about the password, enter the right password that you have created on the previous step.

Next article of this series will be publish soon.

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