A Quick Guide to Five Crucial iOS Security Applications

The use of mobile broadband has quickly become the primary medium of communication for people as they turn away from using traditional landlines services. Smartphones have grasped a large portion of the cellphone market. More specifically, the iPhone by Apple has become an incredibly popular choice by the typical consumer. Being such a popular device, hackers have begun focusing their efforts on penetrating into people’s smartphones. To combat hackers, several services have been created in hopes of preventing hackers from accessing consumers’ iPhones.

One popular application offered in the App Store is VirusBarrier by Intego. VirusBarrier, priced at $2.99, is the first malware scanner for iOS devices, which include iPhones, iPads and iPod touches. The malware scanner allows for the user to scan any downloaded e-mail attachments for potential virus and security threats. Intego’s VirusBarrier X6 software has won several awards in the past, making it a leading choice for users when it comes to protecting their iOS devices.

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Another mobile security application offered is Lookout Mobile Security. Lookout Mobile Security, a free app in the App Store, alerts users when they are using unsecured wireless networks. When users are connected to unsecured wireless networks, hackers can potentially take control of a user’s accounts and information. Aside from its alert system, Lookout Mobile Security also enables consumers to track and locate their lost or stolen devices, very similar to what LoJack offers for laptops. Arguably its most advanced feature, Lookout Mobile Security allows users to remotely erase data in the situation where their phones are lost or stolen.

McAfee, a leading computer security company, has also created an application for iOS devices to combat hackers. WaveSecure iOS Edition, marketed at $19.99 gives users the ability to create backups for their data files where they can restore it at a later point. Unfortunately, a major limitation of WaveSecure iOS Edition is the fact that there is no anti-malware software and users cannot back up their calendar or call history. However, similar to Lookout Mobile Security, WaveSecure iOS Edition by McAfee allows users to remotely control their devices when they are stolen or lost.

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Yet another application for iOS users is GadgetTrak which is priced at $3.99 in the App Store. Very similar to the services LoJack offers for laptop users, GadgetTrak uses the cameras built into the iOS devices to take pictures of the person using the iOS device. After the picture is taken, the picture is then e-mailed along with location data to the registered account user. GadgetTrak offers location reports by sending push notifications to the phone when it is reported as lost or stolen.

For users who prefer have jailbroken their iOS devices, Firewall iP, created by Yllier is offered as a mobile security app in the Cydia application store. Firewall iP has several key features not offered by any other security app. Some features include blocking outgoing TCP and UDP connections, blocking unnecessary content and allowing users to edit rules appropriately to their preferences. One interesting feature of Firewall iP is that it has the ability to show the host name for the connection the user is on.

As iOS devices become more and more popular, it will become necessary for iOS users to protect themselves against potential hackers and security threats. Mobile broadband has continued to evolve technologically as users now can easily access the web from their mobile devices. However, because users can now easily connect to many networks, it becomes much more difficult to protect one’s information. Thankfully with the further development of mobile security applications, users can rest assured that they are safe.
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