US Drone Computers Hit By a Virus

Military computers and network seems to be most secure computer infrastructure, government spent millions of dollars to make these network secure because these computers contain the highly sensitive information about any country. Air planes (Air force jet) are now also controlled by a computer and specially Drone (without a pilot) control from the base station by using a computer (obviously) but what if someone hack into these computer, in result an attacker take complete control on these drones.

Recall a story of Arab VS Israel war back in 1967, the Israeli broke the Egyptian military code it was a spoofing attack and as a result Israeli ordered an Egyptian MiG pilot to release the bomb in the sea.

The article is about Drone not about the story of Arab VS Israel war and the role of hacking. Recent news from different resources confirming that the US drone hit by a computer virus, instead of cover complete story I would like to share some relevant links so that you will see it.

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