R-u-dead-yet- HTTP POST Denial of Service tool

Denial of service attack or DOS attack is one of the common attack to take down the computer (Server machine usually), website servers is at risk because of denial of services attack there are some history behind DOS attack and there are different types of DOS attack that has been discussed on two episode before. 

Now the point is that we cannot avoid DOS attack in general because the Linux distributions like backtrack, backbox, Gnacktrack and others contain different tools that help in DOS attack.

Now the question is simple “Are You Dead Yet?” Yes this is the question. R-U-Dead-Yet, or RUDY is a tool what can it do and for what purposes it has designed below is the answer.

What Is RYDY ?

R-U-Dead-Yet, or RUDY for short, implements the generic HTTP DoS attack via long form field submissions.
This tool runs with an interactive console menu, automatically detecting forms within given URL, and allowing the user to choose which forms and form fields are desirable to use for the POST attack. In addition, the tool offers unattended execution by providing the necessary parameters within a configuration file. In version 2.x RUDY supports SOCKS proxies and session persistence using cookies when available.
The official presentation for this tool has been given on the first OWASP meeting for 2011 in Israel was overwhelming in attendance.



R.U.D.Y requires the following includes to be present under the same directory:

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