Slowhttptest - Slow HTTP DoS Vulnerability Test Tool

System has been crashed or server has crashed, have you ever seen or hear this sentence if not than you would seen this very soon. Crash a system or server is not a big deal if an attacker does not find any way to compromise the server than there is a chance to crash the server and make the services unavailable for users. This attack might be a DOS attack or DDOS attack.

What Is DDOS attack?

Denial of service (DOS) attack is the process of sending a large number of packets to the target that interfere with its operation, or just crash it. These type of attack has been discussed before.
Distributed denial of service attack or DDOS attack is a attack in which an attacker uses several machine to launch DOS attack that's why it is difficult to handle. For DDOS attack.

So after getting little knowledge about DOS and DDOS attack you might be interesting to learn more about the aim for this article.

Slow HTTP DoS Vulnerability Test Tool

There are different ways and techniques available to launch DOS or DDOS attack from any server to any server, these tools are also available in Backtrack, Backbox, Gnacktrack and other penetration testing distribution.
The point is that the security researcher has made a Slow HTTP DOS vulnerability test tool.
Slow HTTP DoS attacks rely on the fact that the HTTP protocol, by design, requires requests to be completely received by the server before they are processed. If an HTTP request is not complete, or if the transfer rate is very low, the server keeps its resources busy waiting for the rest of the data. If the server keeps too many resources busy, this creates a denial of service. This tool is sending partial HTTP requests, trying to get denial of service from target HTTP server.


After downloading you need to install the tool to make the test done, you can use this tool on your Linux box.

Slow HTTP DOS attack Tutorial

This is very easy tool to use but if you dont know how to unpack it and how to prepare it for an attack than open your terminal and locate the directory where you have downloaded it and use.
$ tar -xzvf slowhttptest-1.0.tar.gz
$ cd slowhttptest-1.0
$ ./configure –prefix=PREFIX
$ make
$ sudo make install
After installation follow this tutorial to attack on any server.

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