Secure Shell- SSH An Introduction

Network protocol or communication protocol are the set of defined rules and regulation which must be followed by the both parties (Sender and receiver) for effective communication. Network protocols like HTTP, FTP, TCP/IP, SMTP and more, you can get the list of network protocol. So network protocol is very important and now a days security of your information is more important. Use some secure protocol to make your data secure.

You must have heard about secure socket layer or SSL, SSL provide a secure channel between server and the user, suppose you need to connect your home computer with your work computer and you want to transfer some importance files so SSL is no longer for this situation, you must have a secure network protocol to connect remote devices.

What Is Secure Shell- SSH

According to WiKiPedia “Secure Shell or SSH is a network protocol that allows users to open a window on a local computer and connect to a remote computer as if they were sitting there.”
By this definition you can understand that SSH provides a secure channel between two computers to protect the valuable information from hacking attack.

SSH is typically used to log into a remote machine and execute commands, but it also supports tunneling, forwarding arbitrary TCP ports and X11 connections; file transfer can be accomplished using the associated SFTP or SCP protocols.

Just like HTTP, FTP and other protocols SSH have a port number of 22 (TCP). You can use Telnet (port 23) to connect remote computer but remember Telnet does not provide any sort of security or encryption that is Telnet has been replaced by SSH.

Secure shell can be used on various operating system like Windows, Linux, MAC, BSD and even you can use SSH protocol on your Iphone (Purpose is same). Authentication process in SSH is very strong like SSH use public key cryptography to authenticate remote computer and vice versa.

SSH can be used for multiple purposes like Tunneling, forwarding ports and connections. The major version of SSH are as follows:

  • SSH1 or SSH-1
  • SSH2 or SSH-2

What Is SSH Client

SSH client is a simple software program that allows you to use SSH protocol to connect remote computer in a efficient manner. SSH client are available on graphical user interface so it is easy to use.
On the next article for SSH series we will discuss deeply about SSH client with the tutorials of tunneling.

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