Open Invitation for All Hacking Geeks

Benefits of Guest blogging
on Ehacking

  • Publicity get yourself among the security geeks and blogging lovers.
  • You are allowed to use your link on Ehacking!. That should be at the end of post (Author Bio, that provides a back link to your blog (website).
  • Your article will be exposed to all of Ehacking! readers (via RSS feed) and through all the social media sites (Like facebook,twitter,friendsfeed etc) we are currently on.
  • Your article will be displayed in the homepage for some days.
  • Ehacking has a PR 2.


  • Proper and original content
  • Related to Ethical hacking, computer tips and tricks, operating system related stuffs, and see tags for more topics.
  • Proper grammar
  • This open invitation introduce some more topics and features for guest authors, now you can share news, Linux and Windows patching and distribution update news and links. Latest tools and events and much more see tags.


  • Title should be informative and title must give a broad idea about the post, first word must be capitalize.
  • Post must be in the proper format like introduction block, body and conclusion.
  • Use images that will really helpful for the readers to understand the article.
  • Read Good Blog Writing Style by Philipp Lenssen it will really helpful. 


There are different ways available
to submit your work and if you want to be a regular writer than it is
recommended to join our blog as a author. The method of joining is so
  • Send a request via contact form
  • With your gmail ID, we will send you request with more details.
you want to submit a single article and even if you want to become a
regular author but don’t want to join than use
send request.
best practice is that first you must let us know about your article
with short description than write it.
you want to write but don’t have ideas and right resources than do
not hesitate do contact with us, we will give you the direction and
note that copied and plagiarized articles are unacceptable.

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Ehacking Staff
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