IKAT v 5 Released on Defcon 2011

Defcon is one of the best platform for hacker and information security experts, they organize and manage different information security conferences. Defcon basically was started in 1993 and till day defcon is the great platform. At the defcon 2011 conference which ended on Sunday, different security researcher has published their papers and released different tools.

iKatinteractive Kiosk Attack Tool (IKAT) version 5 has been released on defcon 2011 conference by the author Paul Craig from new Zealand. iKAT was designed to aid security consultants with the task of auditing the security of Internet Kiosk terminals.

iKAT is designed to provide access to the underlying operating system of a Kiosk terminal by invoking native OS functionality. The word Kiosk refers a computer terminal that contain a specialized software and hardware to provide access to information, ecommerce and communication for public place. IkAT tries to bypass the mechanism of Kiosk computers and take control on the system, Kiosk computers can find on Hotels, airport and other public places and can be use to online transactions.
Generally windows and linux are used in Kiosk system and they allow to run some specific application but the tool use Windows and Linux shell to exploit the known vulnerabilities against a system. IKAT can be used to find the administrative part of Kiosk system, iKAT provides a wide range of browser ad ons and use windows based applications.


For information you can visit defcon tool released page , and the official website of the tool.

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