Best Chrome Extensions for Online Security

Google chrome is one of the best and safe web browser that has multiple features and provides security for online browsing, however you must not depends on browser side security you must have some extra extensions and add ons that will enhance your online security and protect your information from hackers

Just like Firefox, you can add extensions on google chrome, as discussed the best chrome extensions for security professional and ethical hacker. In this article I will show you some extensions that are really helpful to enhance online security.

Web of Trust Extension

Web of trust is the best extensions ever that provides the maximum security, this extension let you know about the website that you are visiting the website is safe for you or not. Millions of user provide the rating for the specific website.


Adblock is a chrome extension that provide you an option to block ads on all the websites even facebook and youtube. What is the benefit? Adblock basically a best extension that safe your information from Malware ad injection a technique to steal confidential information.

McAfee's SiteAdvisor Chrome Extension

It is very similar to WOT (web of trust) because it will give safety ratings for websites, this extension will warn you before you open threat sites. If you choose not to load the exploit url(Options page), it will be automatically re-directed to Siteadvisor, where you can see the full details about the website you are about to visit.

KB SSL Enforcer

If you want to secure your information from the hacking attack like sniffing than you must have KB SSL Enforcer extension. This extension enforces encryption for websites that support it as much as currently possible in Chrome. This gives you added security and privacy for your browsing automatically and transparently. This is the best extension to fight against firesheep.

Click & Clean

As the name suggest click and clean your browsing history, typed URLs, Flash cookies, all traces of your online activity to protect your privacy. It has some more features like it can scan your computer for Malware and it can clean your hard disk like Ccleaner.


Make sure that you are using update plug ins to secure your browser side exploitation attack, Secbrowsing is the extension that is used for this purpose. It Periodically checks that all your plugins are up-to-date.

PasswordFail Extension

Make sure that you are using secure channel (SSL) but how to check it. PasswordFail is the extension for this purpose, it Warns the user if the website being used stores their passwords in plain text form.

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