Agnitio- Security Code Review Swiss Army Knife

What is code review and what actually does it mean? As wikipedia describe that code review is an act to measure and a examination of computer source code to find and fix the mistakes. There are different ways to perform the job static analysis is an act to review a source code without executing the program.

Static analysis can done by both ways like manual and automatic by different tools, the human factor is also involve in the code review process but as discussed about manual vs automatic penetration testing, automatic code review tool safe time.

There are different tools available to review the source code but in this article I will discuss Agnitio v2.0 that has released yet.

What Is Agnitio?

Agnitio is a tool that has been developed for the developers, coders and security professionals to review the source code, it help with manual static analysis produce audit trails and enforce integrity check.
New version of Agnitio released with different new and advance features like the analysis module link with the check list, Android and iOS support code review. According to securityninja website the new features are:
Guidance data editor: This will allow you to edit the data displayed in the checklist and principles guidance sections so it can be tailored to suit the needs and standards for your organization. 

Code analysis section: This section will be quite similar to tools such as the OWASP code crawlerbut with the additional benefit of linking the code analysis findings to specific checklist questions and of course the relevant guidance information. This will allow you to analyse source code, complete a security code review, produce security code review reports and metrics whilst having the guidance information you need when you need it the most all in one tool.


In the last, I want to say that Agnitio is one of the best tool that are available free of cost because it is open source and it will really help for programmer and developers to perform a quick code review by static analysis.

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