Radware Web Application Firewall-AppWall

Web application(s) are not secure any more, new web vulnerability and the way of attack discover everyday. By doing a penetration testing with different tools does not means that your web application secure, there are different vulnerability may find on the web application. For a manual security you need a fast team to update the operating system and application software’s.

There are different firewalls or IDS/IPS available to secure a web application.
Radware’s AppWall is a Web Application Firewall (WAF) appliance that secures Web applications and enables PCI compliance by mitigating web application security threats and vulnerabilities. It prevents data theft and manipulation of sensitive corporate and customer information.

It provides full protection against the web application level attack like.

  • Full coverage out-of-the-box of OWASP top-10 threats ?including injections, cross site scripting (XSS), cross site request forgery (CSRF), broken authentication and session management and security mis-configuration .
  • Data leak prevention – identifying and blocking sensitive information transmission such as credit card numbers (CCN) and social security numbers (SSN).
  • Zero-day attacks prevention – AppWall positive security profiles limiting the user input only to the level required by the application to properly function, thus blocking also zero day attacks. The positive security profiles are a proven protection against zero-day attacks.
  • Protocol validation – AppWall enables HTTP standards compliance to prevent evasion techniques and protocol exploits.
  • XML and Web services protection – AppWall offers a rich set of XML and web services security protections, including XML validity check web services method restrictions, XML structure validation to enforce legitimate SOAP messages and XML payloads.
  • Web application vulnerabilities – signature protection offer the most accurate detection and blocking technology of web application vulnerability exploits. AppWall negative security profiles offers comprehensive attack protection.

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