CORE IMPACT Pro Penetration Testing Software

Metasploit is one of the best and famous  penetration testing software developed by the open source community but if you think that metasploit is only king in the world of ethical hacking and exploitation than you are wrong. There are different best alternatives of metasploit available on the market like CORE IMPACT Pen testing solution and others, but the importance of metasploit is remain constant because it is open source and you can use it free.

If you want to do a smart penetration testing and your budget allow you to expand some money on it than why not to buy some professional tools that will really help you to work done.

CORE IMPACT Pro is the most comprehensive software solution for assessing the real-world security of:
  • Web applications
  • Network systems
  • Endpoint systems and email users
  • Wireless networks
  • Network devices
For web application testing it allows a wide rang of options like it can find the following vulnerabilities :
  • Persistent Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
  • Reflective Cross-Site Scripting (both for static HTML and Adobe Flash® objects)
  • SQL Injection
  • Blind SQL Injection
  • Remote File Inclusion for PHP applications

For network penetration testing it can gather the maximum information about each and every node. It has a broad features like network scanning, port scanning, OS finger printing, find critical services and its exploits etc.

For wireless penetration testing it can discover both known and unauthorized (rogue) access point, it can detect the signal strength and the protocols, it can conduct man-in-the-middle-attack and cracking like WEP,WPA and WPA2. 

key Features 

There are a lots of point that can be discussed under this heading but i want you to read the complete features from here. You can understand the exploits by here
The complete demonstration with a little tutorial can be find here, beside each and everything you can learn and even get a certificate from Core Security technologies click here to learn more. In short it is a good alternatives of metasploit.

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