Top Twitter Security Tips

Social networking websites has changed the way of user’s to see the Internet, these websites provides a lot different features to interact with new peoples and make them connect via electronic link. Well there is so many benefit of social networking but you must consider security factor in it.

Twitter just like facebook is the most popular social networking website and just like facebook user faces different security issues, twitter user(s) also faces these security issues, phishing scam is the most famous one. There are so many user asking “How to secure twitter account”?  Well in this article we will cover some tips that would really help you to make your twitter account secure. 

If we talk about so general than the tips that are applicable on facebook it can easily be applicable on twitter too, so must know about 8-10 top facebook security tips.

  1. You must care about your passwords, make sure you have a strong password that contain capital letters,small letters,numbers and special characters. Use different password for different online accounts, your password must not related to some of your information, do not use such a words that are easily available on dictionary. To learn more about dictionary attack click here.
  2. Avoid phishing pages, try to secure yourself from fake websites, always look at the address bar before entering your ID and password it must be twitter.com
  3. Use secure session to secure your account from any sort of sniffing, it is more important if you are sign in from a public place use https://twitter.com instead of http://twitter.com
  4. Secure your computer use smart firewall and IDS to protect your computer in the jungle of web, it is very important to secure any account that your computer must not be infected by some sort of malware like keylogger, how to protect your computer from keyloggers? If you have a doubt that your computer is infected that follow the step to remove infected files click here to learn. 
  5. Smart phones are likely be use by so many people and they are used to login their accounts from smart phones so must be consider the factor, click here to learn about smart phone security.

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