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Well you might hear about Astalavista because you are related to the world of IT security, if you don't know about it that don't worry we will tell you about this wonderful community just read through. First of all you must understand that this article is not about a hacking tool or a tutorial it just a review about the old and famous community. was originally founded in 1997, by a hacker computer enthusiast. The name of the site came from the unforgettable line in the Terminator 2 movie - "Hasta La Vista Baby". After that the website became the most respected, informative and well maintained community that provides you everything related to IT security. has so many unique features and unique contents, and it is visited by home and enterprise users, universities, government and military institutions on a daily basis. It has a unique growth rate too.

You can get a lot of different features on like the website share latest news related to the security, it has a well developed forum where you can ask anything, you can learn from other user(s) post/article, you can learn from the blog or after joining it you can write your own blog too, beside it you can download different tools and you can play war games that are related to security, and so many features to explain but rather it to read here why don't you try it click here.

Read the views of The System Administrator,

As an administrator of a network of one thousand computers, my job consists of guaranteeing that our applications are build in with security in mind, that our desktop computers are malware and spyware free, and, to a certain extent, that our users are aware of various computer security hazards. I visit whenever I look for something in particular, or just to follow the trends. has obviously evolved during the years, it has turned into a daily updated security portal, emphasising on the most severe security issues, not just listing tools and documents. When I visit the site, I know I am up-to-date.
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