Ubuntu Muslim Edition

The importance of operating system is not a hidden truth, without a operating system a computer is unusable. The time has gone when there was only windows operating system available, now the Linux and MAC plays an important role in the battle of operating system.
In Linux there are different distribution available for different purposes like so many distro for pen testing and for other.

Ubuntu is most famous Linux based distribution because it is stable and user friendly distro, there are different variants of ubuntu available like a variant for penetration testing.

Sabily formally known as UbuntuME( Ubuntu muslim Edition) the first Linux operating system based on the Islamic concept. Just like a other distro it is free open source and has an active community to develop and update frequently, Its already includes all software you need in your everyday tasks, and is customised specifically for Muslims.

Key Softwares
  • Zekr and Mus-haf Othman (Quran study tools)
  • Minbar and Firefox-praytimes (prayer times applications)
  • Monajat (application that popups prayers every predetermined time)
  • WebStrict (parental control tool)
  • OpenOffice (word processor, spreasheet, presentation)
  • Firefox (web browser)
  • Pidgin (instant messaging)
  • F-spot (photos management)
  • Gimp (image manipulation program)
  • Multimedia software (video/audio)
The beta version of Sabily 11.04 - Al Badr (only for testing!) has been launched while the stable version will be launch on May 5th.

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  1. So pathetic that the OS too got religion..Man break the religion chains..We are humans, we need to stand as one religion all over the world. and that religion is humanity.

  2. Your opinion is great but we are not a developer of this OS, we have just shared it.

  3. I respect both comments and thanks for sharing it, but OS on religion basis its not a good idea...........

  4. Great OS....... Thanks bhai for sharing it.....


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