RedWolf Security Threat Generator

If you are a network administrator or working to the related job than you must be aware to the importance of network security, for effective business it is necessary to secure the confidential information of the company in on any means. 
For securing a network the administrator install a smart IDS/IPS, firewalls and the other network devices for routing and switching.

Now what if every thing is install and working properly so the job of the administrator is over no never.

After set up a security infrastructure you must not be enjoy your free time, you must measure the security of this infrastructure for this purpose RedWolf Security Threat Generator will help you, it is for both internal and external audit.
Internal Scenario Categories: Network Probing, Email Leaks, Instant Messaging, Peer to Peer, Protocol Tunneling/Hiding, Anonymizing, File Transfer, Malware Emulation, Honeypots, Social Networking, VOIP. 

External Scenario Categories: Distributed Denial of Service, SQL Injection, Malware Attacks

Test Devices: Firewalls, IPS, DLP, Email/IM Archiving, Content Filtering, AV, VA, Proxies, NIDS/HIDS, Logging, SIM/SEM, Perimeter Architectures, Databases, Switch Fabric, DDoS Appliances

Compliance & Control Testing: PCI-DSS, SOX, HIPAA, Basel, GLBA, PIPEDA, ITIL.

RedWolf Security Threat Generator provides three major types of solution for your network.

Cloud Based Security Exercises: The best way to harden defences from cloud based attacks determine your defence capability and optimise your operational response to realistic cyber attacks.

Internal Audit / Risk Management: Identify hidden risks to your data RedWolf Security's threat generator is the worlds first system designed to test security systems themselves 

Enterprise Security Teams: Prevent data loss with lower costs find leaks before problems arise; fix them fast; leverage existing security systems to manage insider threats

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