Nikto-Vulnerability Scanner Tutorial

In the field of web application security there are so many tools available to measure the security of a web application, these tools available for different operating system and can use to find out the bug on a web application. In the era of these tools we have nikto also.

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Nikto is not a new tool, it is used by a large community to find the vulnerability on a web application.
  • Nikto is open source
  • It can check a web server for over 6400 potentially dangerous files/CGIs.
  • It checks for outdated versions of over 1000 servers, and version specific problems on over 270 servers
  • It checks the plug in and misconfiguration files.
  • Fast
  • Effective
  • It find out the default files and programs
  • It find out the insecure files and programs
Key Features
  • Full HTTP proxy support
  • Apache user name enumeration
  • Logging to metasploit
  • Secure Socket Layer support (SSL)
  • Subdomain brute forcing (guessing)
  • Easy to update
  • Save report on multiple format

Nikto Tutorial
  • The basic scan requires a host to scan, you can use a IP of the server of just host name.
$ perl -h [target host]
  • For help 
$ perl -H
  • If you want to check different port than use
$ perl -h [target host] -p [port number]
  • If you want this test via proxy than you can use by this command
$ perl -h [target host] -useproxy http://localhost:8080/
  • Now for updating nikto use

$ perl -update

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