Linux Vs BSD

It is very difficult, it is surely a difficult task to compare Linux and BSD to each other, there are a lots of similarities between Linux and BSD so what actually a difference  why we compare and how we compare them? This is a difficult question. The aim of writing this article is not that we want to start a war between BSD and Linux lovers. It just a comparison.

  • BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution) is a free Unix-like operating system descended from AT&T UNIX via BSD UNIX. 
  • BSD has it's own base system with the most important binaries as cp, ls etc
  • BSD projects work on to make a entirely different operating system.
  • BSD based operating system is more reliable and robust.
  • In terms of security BSD is more secure, that's why mostly BSD used for server side.
  • As discussed on previous point about Package management is based on ports and binary.
  • BSD has an active and supportive community.

  • Linux refers to the family of Unix-like computer operating systems using the Linux kernel. Linux can be installed on a wide variety of computer hardware.
  • Linux based OS is using external binaries for the same functions(usually it's the GNU versions)
  • Linux project focused on the Kernel instead of launching a new operating system.
  • Linux has so many kernel available but in general it is less reliable than BSD.
  • Linux security is good but BSD security is very good.
  • For Package management in Linux is depend on distribution (Debian - excellent, RPM based - ok)
  • Linux has also active and supportive community.
As I have said on the start that it is difficult to compare these two operating system (Some people thinks that Linux is not a OS, it just a kernel) or you need some technical knowledge and skills to compare these operating systems. It is highly recommended to use BSD OS on database, email and in fact on server side.

As said on the start its not war between BSD and Linux, this comparison is not meant to suggest one better than another, you can find both of them in their place. If you have some other difference let us know using comment box.

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  1. yes rightly said it is not a war!!!!! ... Well I am in love with Linux


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