Infondlinux A Script For Security Tools-Tutorial

Ethical hacking/penetration testing process requires a list of different automatic tools that helps to perform the job easier, effective, reliable and less time consumer. Normally a penetration tester creates their own toolkit for their job, but what if there is a script that will provides the effective tools on a single place that will be really help full.

Normally, in a penetration toolkit there is some sort of vulnerability scanner, vulnerability management, a port scanner (Nmap recommended), cracking tool(hydra, john the ripper etc), some tools for information gathering tools, IDS and the other tools include, or it depend on the nature of the test that will going to held.

Infondlinux is a bash script that provides a list of security tools and it is designed for Ubuntu Linux, it is a open source script and easy to use and it provides a comprehensive tools to perform a quick pen-test.

  • First way is to copy and paste the whole code in text editor and save it to
  • The second and recommended way to use terminal to download this script, open terminal and type.

How To Use Infondlinux
This tutorial is for how to install these tools on ubuntu, once you have downloaded the script by using previous method open terminal(you must be on a place where the script has been downloaded before).
After you need to read the script by using sudo command now type exactly.
$ sudo sh 

# - vim 
# - less 
# - gimp
# - build-essential 
# - wipe 
# - xchat 
# - pidgin 
# - vlc 
# - nautilus-open-terminal
# - nmap
# - zenmap
# - sun-java6-plugin et jre et jdk
# - bluefish
# - flash-plugin-nonfree
# - aircrack-ng
# - wireshark
# - ruby
# - ascii
# - webhttrack
# - socat
# - nasm
# - w3af
# - subversion
# - wireshark
# - mercurial
# - libopenssl-ruby
# - ruby-gnome2
# - traceroute
# - filezilla
# - gnupg
# - rubygems
# - php5
# - libapache2-mod-php5 
# - And More

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